Soft Material. Good Fit.

Soft Material. Good Fit.

These shirts fit great. I’ve bought a few different colors so far and like them all. The fit is good and the collar isn’t big like most shirts. It fits my smaller neck well without being too big or tight. The heather colors hold up well in the wash and don’t shrink. However, the all cotton ones shrink in the wash and end up at the belt line which to me is on the verge of being too short. Overall they are good shirts.

I thought the price was good and thought I’d give these shirts a try. I turns out there are some of the better t-shirts I’ve owned for homepage a great price. The materials is not thick but not thin; kinda just right. The material is good looking and the fit is relaxed so it makes a nice dress T. Might have liked them to be a touch longer but the length is OK.

These shirts are a good quality. Well stitched, well shaped and fitted. The thickness is good: not thin, but not too heavy. The only complaint I have is that the color is very much deeper/darker than the picture on my screen. Other shirts I ordered at the same time from different brands were much, much more accurate in color match, so it is not an issue with my monitor. Overall: good

Great feel and great cut…on the purple and light pink ones. They are truly loose fit but not baggy. These are great for just lounging around the house as well as working out. They are smooth and don’t rub oddly when moving.

I did by the light blue shirts but they seem to be cut different. Tighter across the chest abs shorter at the waist. Not enough that they don’t fit, but visually different from the pink and purple ones I have. It is not an entire size difference…thankfully.

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