Schools Go-green With Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Schools Go-green With Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

If you walk down the cleaning isle of your local super market, you will find that at least have of the products promise to be eco friendly cleaning products.

We times of harmful cleaning agents with toxic properties are starting to fade away. Consumers are starting to understand that you do not need hazardous chemicals to fight messes; the natural cleaners work just as effectively while remaining less expensive in most cases.

Not only are homeowners switching to green cleaning products, entire businesses are too.

The difference that green cleaning products makes on the environment is huge, so you can imagine the impact it makes when an entire business makes the transition to going green. Recently, school systems have been getting into the action by transitioning to green cleaning products as well.Similar to businesses, schools significant usage of cleaning products makes them huge contributors to the green effort when they decide to make the switch.

Spearheading the education system's movement towards eco friendly cleaning products is the Green Ribbon Schools program.

This program does more than get schools to use green cleaning products. They award schools that are energy efficient, educate students on the environment, and provide fitness and health education. Green Ribbon Schools are responsible for the right kind of environmental impact.

They operate under four criteria that are specially tailored to remaining environmentally friendly while spreading green awareness. Participating schools get graded on health & fitness, nature adventure, natural classrooms, and providing and all around eco-friendly campus.

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Each state is allowed to have only one recipient of the Green Ribbon Award.The competition brings out the best in schools, and while only one school per state can claim the award, the real winner is the environment. Schools fight hard for the award because it comes with national credit and recognition, and even the losing schools get the satisfaction of making a major contribution to the green effort.

All in all, Green Ribbon Schools are a shining example of our societies recent dedication and kampus terbaik di lampung passion to transitioning from harmful cleaners to green cleaning products.

It is exciting to know that green cleaning goes beyond homeowners. With the help of Green Ribbon Schools, as well as large businesses and organizations, we can make cleaning with dangerous chemicals that harm the environment a thing of the past. Ask if your children's schools participate in the Green Ribbon program.

Responsible schools are using natural cleaning products while providing our young ones with a bright future.

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