Read Paper Republic: Sissy Zhong

Read Paper Republic: Sissy Zhong

My mom took me there. It was even rumoured that Sissy Zhong was actually, actually small down there. Zhong Zhenxi evened up the score on that occasion, storming off down the street and giving the toughs a savage beating. Mr Zhong is an effective man but he’s by no means had any respectable luck.’ Afterwards, Zhong Zhenxi seemed to get smaller. ‘You don’t want to get on the incorrect side of those Zhongs! Don’t you go saying things like that! Don’t call me that.’ But his voice was so gentle that no child was ever scared. There was ‘sponge’, ‘snot-sucker’… There was blood all over the room. Disgust written all over their faces, they said to the would-be matchmakers: ‘You know what? ‘What do you assume I ought to do with my hair, Qiang? ‘What on earth did he do to find yourself with a son like that? ‘Give her a «mushroom bob», porn clips like on the Tv,’ she stated. ‘He can control any kid,’ individuals mentioned.

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