Good low cost alternative to high cost competitor.

Good low cost alternative to high cost competitor.

I always wear collared shirts and cheap Timberwolves jerseys these make for great undershirts. They hold their shape and size. They contour a little bit which I like because whatever shirt I wear over it fits better. They do sometimes move a little bit but I tuck them in like a shirt and then toss a shirt on over it and problem solved.

Sweat protection, no. I still sweat the same. But that’s because I’ve got a non breathable shirt on over it. I wear dark colors anyways.

I do love them for undershirts. They don’t yellow under the pits, they don’t hold odors or allow caking of antiperspirant under the arms. I stopped buying cotton undershirts because they would either shrink, become grey, hold odor or just lose their shape, especially around the neck.

These have been washed and washed and washed so much the logo has come off the front and it’s just outlines of the word. And even after all that washing, they still hold their shape, and have not fallen apart.

I bought these for the «cooling» factor associated with the product name and what the bio claimed. I referee soccer at high competitive levels and thought they would be good to try in the hot weather of summer. The shirts fit well and I enjoy the comfortable wear they have. They move with my body well and do help wick sweat away which does help one cool faster.

I did notice, while running, yesterday that the cooling factor is really only felt when wearing the shirt and nothing over the top of it. That isn’t bad just inconvenient

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