Experts have found out what made the omicron strain “more human” ※ RBK

Experts have found out what made the omicron strain “more human” ※ RBK

Experts have found fragments of the genome of the virus that causes the common cold in the omicron strain

Experts found that when mutated, the coronavirus could receive a fragment of genetic material from the virus that causes the common cold, which will allow it to avoid attacks from the human immune system.

During the mutation, Top Site Info the omicron strain COVID-19 could have received some of the genetic material from another virus that causes the common cold.This conclusion was made by experts from the nference company, writes The Washington Post.

According to nference experts, a new mutation could have occurred in an organism infected with both SARS-CoV-2 (new coronavirus COVID-19) and the human coronavirus HCoV-229E (Human coronavirus 229E), Top Site Info which can cause the common cold.

One of the researchers suggested that the omicron strain may be more transmissible (transmissibility), but lower virulence (the ability to cause disease) than other variants of the coronavirus.

Study co-author Venki Sundararajan noted that the omicron, having received a fragment of HCoV-229E, could become “more human.” The scientist suggested that this would allow the omicron strain to avoid reactions from the immune system.

Virologists have doubted the conclusions about the danger of “omicron” for those who have been ill

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