Black Friday live blog: The best deals right now

Black Friday live blog: The best deals right now

Nov 17 (Reuters) — European stocks rose for a sixth consecutive session to hover near record highs on Wednesday, as some positive earnings reports helped overshadow worries that soaring natural gas prices were feeding into inflationary pressures.

In August, China limited children to three hours a week of online gaming in what it said is an attempt to curb addiction, with the latest ban representing another step in the CCP’s cultural crackdown, led by president Xi Xinping (pictured on October 9, 2021)

Shanghai tax authorities fined Zheng Shuang 299 million yuan ($46million) in August for tax evasion and undeclared income between 2019 and 2020 while filming a TV series, according to an online statement. 

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In September, China’s celebrities were warned they must ‘oppose the decadent ideas of money worship, hedonism and extreme individualism’ at an entertainment industry symposium hosted by the Communist Party.

Simi Sienna’s apparel sizes range from extra small to 3XL for shirts, coats and jeans, while slip-on shoes and sneakers are available in all sizes; however, you need check each shoe to see if it is available in your size. If you want to make a statement with a print that will help you stand out from head to toe, look into the Encyclia olive collection. You’ll find that items like hoodies, bucket hats, stretch shoe socks and other Encyclia Olive apparel are available. And if the Encyclia Olive line isn’t your taste, there are a variety of alternative designs to choose from. 

What’s the Shadow Fold? Also known as the Unsea, the Shadow Fold runs through the kingdom of Ravka, splitting it in half. It contains those flesh-hungry Volcra — among other horrors, as we find out at the end of season 1 — and provides a nasty obstacle between the mainland and the ports on the west coast. We discover later in the series that the Darkling created the Fold hundreds of years ago after the King’s men, fearful of the Grisha’s powers, killed his love. The Darkling attempts to create an army of his own using ancient magic, but the spell goes wrong and swathes of darkness plume from his back, forming the Shadow Fold.

Who are the Grisha? Aside from bringing slick military coats back into fashion, the Grisha are people who can control the elements on a molecular level. They don’t call it magic, but the «small science.» The Grisha live in the Tsarist Russia-inspired Ravka, a land pinned in by magic-hating nations as well as the threat of the Shadow Fold. Times haven’t been great for Grisha folk. Below is a look at where they live in relation to the rest of the world. Note the location of Kerch and, more specifically, Ketterdam, the gambling capital where Kaz, Inej and Jesper chase lucrative jobs.

Another «get it before it’s gone» laptop deal: We spotted this Acer on sale at Amazon at its lowest price to date. We haven’t reviewed it, but its basic specs are right in the zone for a solid Windows 10/11 laptop: 11th-generation Intel Core i7 CPU, 512GB of solid-state storage and a 14-inch screen. I’d prefer double its 8GB RAM, but this model is only $37 more than the 256GB version — definitely worth splurging for. 

Additionally, reports that social media accounts of both celebrities and fans will be required to adhere to ‘public order and good customs, adhere to correct public opinion orientation and value orientation, promote socialist core values, and maintain a healthy style and taste’.

Who’s the Darkling — really? General Kirigan, aka the Darkling, leads the Second Army, which is made up of Grisha (Alina and Mal are grunts in the nonmagical First Army). The Darkling ranks No. 1 as the most powerful Grisha, wielding the ability to summon and manipulate shadows. The Darkling claims to be the great-great-great grandson of the Black Heretic. But psych! As we discover later in the series, The Darkling is the Black Heretic, aka Baghra’s (Alina’s magic tutor) son, aka the one who created the Shadow Fold around 400 years ago. The Volcra have been preventing him from expanding the Fold to gain more power, but when Alina comes along, the Darkling senses an opportunity to use her Sun Summoner abilities to fend off the monsters.

If you’re looking to buy gifts for active friends and family members, Adidas has up to 50% off a bunch of their merchandise for Black Friday. The sale actually runs through Saturday. Most of the stuff isn’t 50% but there are some aggressive deals. For example, you can grab a pair of classic women’s Stan Smith shoes for $50 (normally $90), a kids’ puffer jacket for $48 (normally $80), or a classic Trefoil Hoodie for $39 (usually $65). 

Actress Zheng Shuang appeared on a list of ‘misbehaving celebrities’ who have allegedly been blacklisted by Beijing which was circulated on social media in August. Zhao, 45, and Zheng, 30, were both on the list, along with Chinese-Canadian pop star Kris Wu, who was arrested on suspicion of rape earlier this year

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