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Titan outside the outside, deceased injuries: I want to fight side by side and teammates

Tennessee Titan's old will be external - Washington and the team's 6 years will end later this season. The next week's game may be his last battle as a Titan player. Washington is both a good player and is a good leader. However, in August this year, he will be 32 years old, and it is not intended to continue to see Titan.

The other external hand of Titan is hurt in the game with Jacksonville America last Thursday. Previously, cheap nfl jerseys from china he was absent from 2 games due to hand fractures. Wright said, the reason why chooses to take injured, cheap nfl jerseys for sale because he would like to play with Washington.

Wright said: "My hand has not recovered yet, but I still decide to fight side by side. This year is the contract year of the neitt, I don't know if there is any opportunity to be a teammates in next year. I hope to go to the game, and him Together, work together with other teammates. I will try my best to do what I can do, cheap nfl jerseys for sale the team, give a power for the teammates. "