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Jet coach: wholesale jerseys Absence the training camp is Darnod's loss

Beijing July 28, in order to obtain more conforming to the wishful contract, cheap nfl jerseys online the jet rookie four points Sam Dord (Sam Darnold) was put on the team through the dismissive. In this regard, the head coach Todd Bowles is not satisfied.

Bowers said: "Of course, once he comes here, we will try to catch the progress, but I still have 79 players to care."

But Powers understand cheap nfl jerseys Donod now has not signed the move, he said that the contract dispute is normal.

"I played the ball, I cracked up, when I swappic, this is part of my business." Balls said, "Normal day, there is no abhorrentity, only business confrontation. Waiting for him, we will hurry Let him catch the progress of the teammates. The other two quarters can also play, even if he (Darnod) is injured on the first day, we have to find someone else, continue to advance. "