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Bill Maher: Girls Accusing Actor Armie Hammer Of Abuse Stayed With Him

He would at all times say, "I ponder what it tastes like, I bet it tastes good," stuff like that,' she claimed. And he needed to, like, he has a smoker at his house in L.A. They've his texts, where he was saying things like, 'I want to take your rib out and boil it with barbecue sauce,' says Maher. But on Actual Time with Bill Maher on Friday night, the comic advised that the women concerned would have identified what they were getting themselves into from the very start. Apparently this is one thing called 'ethical human cannibal fetishism.' No precise women have been eaten within the making of this film. He's a really charming, bdsm porn intense human being. A few of the women have alleged that there was sort of some slapping around. The controversy around the 34-yr-old actor sees him accused of emotional and physical abuse by numerous girls.