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The American tiger is not full of the Emirates, did not punish the four-point guards due to the impact

Beijing September 15th, the informed person revealed that the Jacksonville America is dissatisfied with wholesale nfl jerseys china and does not punish Nick foles, which leads to the latter's clavicle fracture of Kansas City chief defensive cut off Chris Jones.

Jones did not punish fouls at the time. The American tiger believes that he violates the "physical weight" provisions of the Alliance. This provision was introduced in 2018, wholesale nfl jerseys usa which prohibits defenders from using all or most of the weights down the opponent's quartz guards down or pressed. Video playback Shows Jones violates the provisions when impacting Falls.

Unfortunately, the American tiger is in powerless. They can only rely on the new show in the next game to replace the Gardner minShew.

After the Form game, he said that he thought this defense is not a rough action, Jones did not intentionally hurt himself.

Falls accepted surgery the next day, and the Jaguo put him in the injury reserve list. But the coach Doug - Malone is expected to return in the middle of the season. The earliest date of his return is November 17.