Amazon Prime Video: The 27 best movies to watch

Amazon Prime Video: The 27 best movies to watch

world. The 380 kilometre (240 mile) road trip to Cairo passes though the sweltering deserts of the Sinai peninsula, where the Egyptian army fights the Islamic State group and operates checkpoints and night-tim

A 46-year-old man was arrested at Fairfield Police Station about 10pm on Friday, and charged with attempt murder, causing grievous bodily harm to person with intent and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Just the day before a 13 year-old girl was raped in the Bronx’s Crotona Park as she was heading home from school. Police are also looking for the suspect in the Bronx case, who was captured on video before the assault.

The city of Aurora, Colorado, has agreed to pay $15 million to settle the civil rights lawsuit brought by the family of Elijah McClain, a Black man who died in 2019 after he was subdued by police and injected by paramedics with a sedative, both sides said on Friday.


Need more Paul Bettany in your life? Of course you do, especially since WandaVision is done and dusted. Try Uncle Frank, a road flick set in the ’70s about a gay man and his relationship with his family, including niece and college student Beth (Sophia Lillis from the It movies and I Am Not Okay With This). The pair drive across America to attend a funeral, Frank grappling with whether to let his partner Wally (Peter Macdissi) come along. A comedy with sharp edges, Uncle Frank ultimately leaves you on an assuringly positive note.

The English coach had tested positive for the novel coronavirus last week after the team returned from the United States where they had played two matches last month, the Korea Football Association (KFA) was quoted by the news agency as saying.

A jury acquitted website teenager Kyle Rittenhouse on Friday of murder in the fatal shooting of two men during racial justice protests in a decision that re-ignited fierce debate about gun rights and the boundaries of self defense in the United States.

asier. Palestinian economist Omar Shaban, an expert on Gaza-Egypt trade, said forcing Gazans to pay huge sums for transit is a poor strategy for Egypt if it hopes to keep participating in the reconstruction of war-batt

Palestinians wait their turn to cross into Egypt through the Rafah border crossing; Palestinians are forced to register their names on a waiting list weeks before they plan to travel, and still transit is not

Amazon Prime Video

Mélanie Laurent directs, co-writes and stars in this emotional French thriller set in the late 19th century. Laurent is Geneviève, a nurse who attempts to free Eugénie (Lou de Laâge), a woman committed to a mental asylum when her family learns she communicates with spirits. Carried by outstanding performances from its two leads, The Mad Women’s Ball poignantly sweeps the inequities of the era into its disturbing melodrama. An accomplished watch.

Shaw was charged with attempted rape, strangulation and sexual abuse for the brazen attack and is currently being held without bail while he undergoes psychiatric testing to determine if he is mentally fit to stand trial, the Daily News reported.  


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Jogger Sexually Assaulted In Central Park, Another Woman Attacked On FDR Drive Foot Path; Suspect In Custody — CBS New York

NY Daily News — We are currently unavailable in your region

The string of attacks come as New York continues to experience a surge in crime. So far this year, the city has seen 1,216 rapes, about 2.5 per cent more than had been recorded at the same point of 2020.

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes took the stand Slot Jackpot Terbesar on Friday to defend herself against charges of defrauding investors and patients about the now-defunct blood-testing startup once valued at $9 billion. Holmes, 37, is accused of making false claims about Theranos, including that its technology could run a range of diagnostic tests more quickly and accurately than conventional laboratory testing with a drop of blood from a finger prick.

Canal. The common complaint in Gaza is that the journey, often made on stuffy buses, is made deliberately more arduous and uncertain so that travel operators can profit by offering hassle-free «VIP services» to those who can af

otos.» After three security checks he was travelling smoothly through the Sinai until he reached another checkpoint 50 kilometres from Rafah late Thursday afternoon, where the Egyptians announced the road’

A gun owner fled after his weapon fired by accident at Atlanta’s airport, sending terrified travelers bolting onto the tarmac on Saturday, with no one seriously injured but halting flights during the busy Thanksgiving holiday period.

About two hours after the 1:30 p.m. blast in the security screening area at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, officials gave an «all-clear» and flights resumed, the hub said on Twitter.

Sinema, who is a co-sponsor of Democratic voting rights bills aimed at prohibiting racial discrimination and ensuring ballot access, told the newspaper that she continues to oppose efforts by fellow Democrats to eliminate the filibuster, a Senate rule that requires a 60-vote supermajority to pass most legislation.

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