7 Methods Of West papua 202 Jayapura

7 Methods Of West papua 202 Jayapura

Namatota Village, Kaimana District, Kaimana Regency, nominated the top 300 in the 2021 Indonesian Tourism Village great compliment (ADWI) situation from 1831 villages. Previously, Namatota village, Mai-mai village, Foromajaya village, and Lobo village were prepared by the Kaimana Regency management to participate in the 2021 Indonesian Tourism Village Award. However, of the four towns, lonesome Namatota village was officially registered to be contested on July 15, 2021.

The nomination of Namatota village as the summit 300 in the 2021 Indonesian Tourism Village award event. The head of Namatota Village, Bakri Ombaier, asked the Kaimana local paperwork to answer services to keep tourism programs in Namatota.

I asked the Regent to firm the facilities. appropriately which points habit to be built, for example, trash bins to maintain the construction of the Namatota tourist village, he explained.

Meanwhile, the Regent of Kaimana, Freddy Thie, in his speech said, as the regional head upon July 15, 2021, he had signed the Regents decree, number 430/82/VII 2021, around the get-up-and-go of four villages in Kaimana, to receive part in the village tourism competition.

Thanks to God, last night I customary news that 1831 villages participated in the national level tourist village competition. compliment God, Namatota village is in the top 300 or top 300. subsequently it will go to the top 100 to the summit 50, explained Kaimana Regent Freddy Thie in Namatota Village, Thursday (19/8).

The Regent said the local admin hopes that Namatota village will be the winner at the Indonesia Tourism Village award 2021. However, if progressive it is not prearranged as the winner, the Kaimana regional organization will prepare Namatota village at the national level tourist village event.

For Namatota village, at the level of West Papua Province, it competes when five supplementary villages. Three villages are in Raja Ampat, one village in Manokwari district, and one village in Fakfak district, he said.

With Namatota village as the top 300, at the Indonesia Tourism Village rave review situation in 2021. The Regent asked the Namatota community to preserve the Kaimana local government and reconnect the ties of goodwill that had been torn apart during the elections of December 9, 2020.

As the regional head, he appealed to every of us that the elections on December 9, 2020, have ended. Today the Regent and Deputy Regent of Kaimana Regency, most likely yesterday, some of us were not feeling well. However, taking into account my presence as the Regent of Kaimana, I question all of you here to pay for a smile, he said.

Attending this bustle were Batalion Commander (Danyon) 764 Iamba Baua Infantry Lieutenant Colonel Dwi Dipoyono, Head of the Kaimana Tourism Office Usman Fenetiruma, Raja Namatota Randi Asnawi Ombaier, IPN leader, village head Namatota, Bakri Ombaier, and religious leaders.

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